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As part of any recruitment process, reference checking forms a vital component. Normally, this will be completed by the Hiring Manager, Human Resources or a Recruitment Agency if you applied via one.

A wide range of questions will be asked of your current/former employer that may include things such as:

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How did you perform in the role?
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How well did you work with others?
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What were your key strengths and attributes?
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Was there any issues during your employment, such as disciplinary actions taken?

Some Things to Consider

While there is no way of knowing exactly what kind of questions will be asked during a reference check, as the questions will be based on the role you have applied for, who the  company is and if there was anything they want to check based on your interview.

You can take some steps to ensure things run as smoothly as possible. We’ve included a few things to consider that may or may not be relevant to you. This is not an exhausted list, but can be used to consider the steps you may need to take as part of your recruitment process.

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What to include on your Resume: This is something that is asked of Resumes for you often and there are two sides to the argument. You would, I’m sure want to control who and when people contact your Referees and a way to ensure this is to indicate on your Resume that: “Referees provided upon request”.
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Think carefully: Think and know who you want to use as a referee. Often at the end of the interview, or during the interview you may be probed about potential referees. It will look more professional if you turn over referees that were discussed during your interview.
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Who: In most cases, potential employers want professional based referees. These would be people that you reported to, your line manager. In some circumstances, some companies will consider client references for sales or other such positions, but the majority of potential employers require reporting managers.
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Take control: Before you give out your referees to a potential employer, you might want to make contact your referee(s) and let them know that you have passed their details to “company name” and that “hiring managers name” will be in touch soon to complete a reference for your time at their business.

This can be a courtesy step. It can set the right impression when the company calls as the referee will be expecting the call, know which company is calling and that releasing professional information about you is OK.

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Approval: Ensure you have sought and gained approval from your referees to use them. Sometimes, there may be a company policy that does not allow for providing references.

You can also thank them in advance for assisting you with future job opportunities.

You might be able to understand what kind of reference check may be given, based on the type of reply they give when you ask, but this is not a guarantee.

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The information provided in this article and our blog is for general use only. The information is not an extensive list of things to consider. The information should only be used to create thought and ideas so that you can plan and take any actions and steps that are specific to you and your circumstances. You should always seek professional and personalised advice before you take any actions.

Resumes for you, are not responsible or liable for any outcomes, actions, or losses based on our article(s) or blog.

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