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Job Hunting Considerations

What to consider when job hunting.

1. Know Your Skills & Abilities

Having a clear understanding of what you are capable of is essential. Don’t have an “I can do that” approach, but an I can do that well, and I can demonstrate that strength during an interview.

Will the position allow you you to overachieve?

Review the requirements of the role carefully. Consider what will be required of you and match the elements to your skills and abilities. Consider if there is a way to overachieve in the position, based on your skills and experiences.

Being able to establish yourself in a new role and company quickly can set you up well into the future when it comes to promotional opportunities or salary negotiations.

Thinking long-term is critical.

2. Does The Position Align To My Long-Term Career Ambitions?

Often, it can be easy to get distracted by the company name or the title of the position. Dig deeper – carefully review what the job entails!

A position title can mean different things within different organisations. While it may seem obvious, in my years of recruitment, some people apply based on the company and position title – without reviewing the details of the role.

Make sure you understand the expectations of the employer and the detailed requirements in the job advertisement. Once you have that, consider this:

  • Does this align with my long-term career ambitions?
  • How does this role assist me to get to my end goal?
  • Is this role a nice to have but offers no growth opportunities?
  • Will this be a win-win for the company and me?
  • What is my career options after this position?
  • Is this a step up from my current role or employer?

While these points are obvious, they are essential questions you should consider. There are no right or wrong answers, as your circumstances are unique to you. By understanding your starting point and your ambitions – you can make decisions that align with your long-term aspirations.

3. Do you understand the Company?

Changing jobs, or starting your first role, is an important change in your life. Making the right decision is very important.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Is the company right for you?
  2. Are you right for the company?
  3. Do you align with the company culture?
  4. What is the company culture?
  5. What are the benefits of working for the company?
  6. What are the harmful elements of the company?
  7. What are the ambitions of the company, and are they aligned with you?
  8. What are your career opportunities within the business?
  9. What’s the reputation of the company in the industry, including the manager?

Before you take the next step, ensure you undertake in-depth research and analysis in regards to any potential employer.

Gather a wide range of information from different sources that are good and bad. Having the right information will allow you to make an informed choice about any employer.

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