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Australian Migration Agent

We often get asked a wide range of questions from job seekers about migration.

Often, employers will only consider applications from job seekers that have a valid Visa in place, unless the job seeker has a specific skill and ability that is not readily available to them in the job seeker market.

Resumes for you can not provide information and support on immigration matters. In Australia, you can visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for a wide range of information and support regarding the Visa options.

Another option is to use a Registered Migration Agent. You can search and find registered Migration Agents at the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority web site.

While there are charges associated with using registered Migration agents, depending on your personal circumstances, using a Migration Agent could be of benefit.

Today, we spoke with Oz Migration Agent and John Corbett, a Registered Migration Agent based in Brisbane who informs us that they are well versed in providing support and Visa services to individuals that require a fast and professional service..

John, from Oz Migration Agent, said that they “specialise in making the complex process easier for those who want to live and work in Australia. We work professionally and efficiently to help the applicant get the best chance of getting approved.”

As a service, John indicated that “Oz Migration Agent and I offer affordable and personalised Australian migration and citizenship consultation to assess the applicants eligibility and give the best option(s)”.

So if you require further support around your options; you can look to undertake the process yourself by looking over the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website to view and consider the options open to you, based on your personal circumstances, or you can engage a registered Migration Agent that is registered on the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority web site.

To contact John at Oz Migration Agent and discuss your options, simply visit their website.


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