Resumes For You – REFUND POLICY

At Resumes For You, our number one priority is you. We work hard to ensure we deliver services that exceed your expectations and develop documents that you will love make you proud.

Sometimes, you may place an order with Resumes For You and have a change in circumstances and no longer require our services. At Resumes For You, we can provide refunds as per our refund policy.

When you engage Resumes For You to complete work for you, you are engaging us as a services provider. Working on your resume, cover letter and selection criteria can take a significant amount of time to produce.

We have to review all your documents, complete research, work on a strategy for your documents and finally work on building the design and content. Then we work closely with you to fine-tune your documents until finalised.

On average, it can take three to five days to complete the work.

Refund Policy

If you order a Resumes For You service but did not pay the invoice:

Contact us, and let us know that you no longer wish to proceed with the order. Given no payment was made, we void the invoice and cancel the service for you. No fees or charges would apply in this instance

You order a service, paid the invoice but no longer want to proceed (We did not issue the “DRAFT” documents for you for review):

Contact us, and let us know that you no longer wish to proceed with the order. Providing we have not emailed you the draft documents for review before you contact us, you can cancel the order and Resumes For You will give you a full refund.

All work will immediately stop, and we will cancel the project

You order a service, paid the invoice and received the “DRAFT” documents:

 Rarely would this situation arise, however, should you find yourself in such a case where we have delivered the draft documents for review, but you no longer need to continue with the services and wish to cancel the order, you can do by contacting us.

Because a significant amount of work would have gone into producing the DRAFT documents and you engage us to deliver a service, the following applies:

A termination/administration fee of $100.00 would apply. Resumes For You would then refund the difference. For example:

You paid:                  $189.95

Termination Fee:   $100.00

Refund:                 $89.95

 All work will immediately cease, and we will terminate the project. All “DRAFT” documents would have been delivered in PDF format and locked with a watermark. Once you cancel the service, no further work will be carried out on your project. Word documents are only delivered/issued when a project has been completed, not when cancelled/terminated.

Third Party Payments:

If you ordered our services through a third party and not Resumes For You direct, such as a coupon, deal based website, or non-payments directly to Resumes For You, our refund policy does not apply in such circumstances. You MUST contact the third party provider to gain a refund accordingly.

However, the majority of purchases are undertaken by Resumes For You, direct. If you’re unsure, please contact us for confirmation.

By ordering our services and making your invoice payment, you agree you have read and accepted our terms of service (included with your Quote, and or attached to the invoice), Privacy Policy, Refund Policy and Website Terms, and are bound by them.