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Australians are currently facing very challenging circumstances on a personal and economical level. As of 25 March, we saw 3.3 million Americans join the unemployment lines. Australia is facing significant job losses as business close their doors due to public health concerns.

These are undoubtedly challenging times; all sectors are implementing measures to ensure the safety of their staff and their clients. In some circumstances, employees will be stood down. Many economists are indicating job losses of 10% to 20%.

What can you do?

If Australia does end up with a 10% unemployment rate, 90% of our community will still be in employment. If you are stood down, remember to remain calm and focused, work out a plan – think about what you need to do to get through this difficult time.

While many companies are laying off staff, others are looking to increase their employees. We see significant demand in Grocery Retail, Delivery Drivers and Medical Suppliers.

Some companies recruiting right now (26 March 2020):

  • Services Australia: 5,000
  • Coles: 5,000 Casuals
  • Woolworths: 20,000 Casuals
  • BHP: 1,500
  •  Domino’s: 2,000 Delivery Drivers
  •  The NSW Government: 1,000 
  •  Telstra: 1,000

Remember your skills are transferable!

You will have a range of skills that you can apply to different environments. Taking a moment to understand your skills and how you can put them to good use will help elevate your applications.

Detail your skills and abilities in your resume and cover letter so that the employer can see how you fit the requirements of the role, even if you are from a different position and sector.

How can Resumes For You assist?

During this challenging time, we need to stand and work together for the good of our community. Things will improve, and we need to ensure that we all come out of this situation in the best way we possibly can.

Resumes For You provides free Resume Reviews & Resume Health Checks. If you are looking to apply for a new role and want someone to look over your documents and provide free professional guidance, please book in your Resume Review with us today.

Stay Focused | Stay Positive | Stay Safe

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