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Does your Cover Letter let you down?

A Cover Letter is an important document and should be included with any job application you make. There is an art to producing a compelling cover letter and we have included a few tips to assist you!

Spelling and Grammar: check your spelling and grammar (get a trusted friend to review your cover letter or use a resume service provider such as Resumes to you).
Content: ensure your cover letter has fresh, exciting content and not a simple copy and past of your resume content.
Cover letter format: format your cover letter in a standard professional layout. Your cover letter is a first impression and you want to make the right impact. Badly formatted cover letters could negatively impact your chances.
Personalise your cover letter: If you know the recruiters name, address the letter to them. Add the name and address of the company and add the position name as the reference. (personalising your cover letter will have a positive impact).
Double check: Before you hit send, make sure you have attached the correct documents, especially when sending personalised cover letters. Sending an application for a job addressed to the wrong company or recruiter could kill your chances. It looks unprofessional, sloppy, and demonstrates lack of care or attention to detail.
Fixing an issue: If you send an application and suddenly realise that you have sent an incorrect document, don’t forget about it… contact the recruiter and inform them that you have sent the wrong document and arrange to send the correct items – you’ll be surprised how this can work for you.

There are other things to consider, based on your needs when developing a cover letter.

One of the best investments you can make is to have your cover letter reviewed and, if needed, professionally rewritten to improve your chances in a competitive and crowded market.

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