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Career Setbacks

We’ve all had one, a career setback. They can be redundancies, not getting that promotion, a change of responsibilities or even a new manager that is more toxic than empowering.

How we deal with career setbacks can be more important, than the setback itself. It’s essential to take a step back, remove the emotion and look at the scenario and put an action plan into action.

“career setbacks are not the end of the line or the end of your journey, but an opportunity to reset, refocus and put an executable strategy in place. Career setbacks are an opportunity to start an exciting new chapter in your career.”

Things to consider:

  • Step back and consider the situation with a constructive mind
  • Take out the raw emotions and look at the facts only
  • Consider what the options are
  • Look at the situation through a positive mindset – what does this allow you to pursue now, what are the benefits of the situation, what do you want to achieve from the situation?
  • Put a strategy in place, what are the options, what actions are available to you, what do you want to do, and execute the plan
  • Break actions into small easy to manage milestones to ensure items are easier to achieve, and you gain positive momentum as you progress – making you feel more positive about your achievements
  • Review your plans as you proceed, what worked well, what did not work so well and update your plans accordingly

Remain focused, have a clear goal, and with time, perseverance – you can have a positive impact – no matter the career setback you are facing.

Having an updated resume and cover letter will be critical, whatever you decide. Speak with an expert today, Resumes For You can assist you with a professional resume and cover letter.

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